Sunday, March 15, 2015

Outline for Singing Time on 3-15

*Update 3-16-15: Everything doesn't always go according to plan. In green are the last minute adjustments I made, as well as some lessons learned this week.

Junior Primary

Egg cartons as instruments

“Did Jesus Really Live Again?” (p.64-We're learning for Easter.)- v.3-hand bells, then v.2-unscramble the posters that Sr. Primary made last week to illustrate each line *I'm new at teaching with hand bells. Note to self: no matter how much you try, Sunbeams can't hold their bells still until their turn! Just roll with it. :)

“Follow the Prophet” (p.110)- v.2-egg cartons as instruments. Use a rhythm stick to tap and slide.

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me" (2015 Outline for Sharing Time)-ASL-chorus review

Senior Primary

“Did Jesus Really Live Again?” (p.64)-v.3-hand bells, then v.2 -unscramble Jr. posters *Skipped this song entirely, due to time crunch.

“Follow the Prophet” (p.110)-v.2-egg cartons, pattern with a partner *Wow. I need to go over the ground rules before we start. My son started sword fighting with his neighbor, using the rhythm sticks. Also, I forgot to demonstrate how to adapt the pattern when you go from partners to a group of four. Chaos ensued!

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me" (2015 Outline for Sharing Time)-ASL-chorus review *They know the chorus inside and out! We moved on to the lines just before it.

*Note:  Every week I write out separate plans for Jr. and Sr. Primary.  Some weeks are more similar, like today, but some are quite different. 

Happy Singing!


  1. I love that you are sharing your ideas in this way! Singing isn't one of my strengths, but I know I would love this if I was teaching Primary music.

    1. Thanks! I love to hear you sing, by the way. :)