Thursday, May 7, 2015

Singing Time Plan for 5-10

Junior Primary

Up and down partner scarf motion

Side to side partner scarf motion
"The Church of Jesus Christ" (p.77)-body rhythms, standing.  I'll demonstrate a simple pattern of stomping and patsching for the children to follow.  (Patsching refers to a pat with both hands simultaneously on your lap.)
"I Know That My Savior Loves Me"-ASL

"Help Me, Dear Father" (p.99)-A totally under-appreciated song! I chose this as one of our optional songs this year.  The activity is partner scarves.  I made long scarves from second hand curtains. The children work with a partner to hold the ends and wave them up and down and then side to side with the slow music.

"Mother, I Love You" (p.207)-inside camera with family pictures. The kids absolutely LOVED this activity last week!  We only had time to see pictures of four families, so I'm going to repeat the activity with new families' pictures this week.

Senior Primary

"The Church of Jesus Christ" (p.77)-beat vs. rhythm with feet and hands.  I introduced tapping the beat and rhythm a few weeks ago, here. My husband teaches one of the older classes, with a lot of my harder-to-reach boys, and he suggested I try taking advantage of the cool factor this activity can provide.  I'll have the children tap the beat with one foot, like the drummer in a band would step on a bass drum pedal, and then we'll add in the rhythm by tapping our hands on our laps, as if we were playing the smaller drums.

"Follow the Prophet" (p.110)-sing the new verses.  I'll pass out the lyrics to the verses the children turned in from our write-your-own-verse challenge, here, and we'll sing them together.  I almost never have the children just sit and sing, but just this once, I think this fits my purpose just fine.

Rhythm stick roll with a partner
"Help Me, Dear Father" (p.99)-rhythm stick roll.  I detail this activity further in another post.  The basic idea is to face a partner, hold a stick in your open palm, and roll it softly off your fingertips into a partner's palm.

"Mother, I Love You" (p.207)- inside camera with family pictures.

Happy singing!

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