Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Singing Time Plan-May #5

Cups as instruments

Junior Primary

"Follow the Prophet" (p.110)-v. 2-disposable cups as instruments.  Pat on lap, then clap, using a pattern.

"Help Me, Dear Father" (p.99)-v.1-read Matt. 18:22, count 7 on fingers, then 70 (as an entire Primary), then 70x7!?

"Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" (p.57)-v.1-partner arm swings. Hold a partner's hands, and swing in time with the music.

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me"-ASL

Senior Primary

First letter code
"Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" (p.57)-v.1-first letter code. Write out the first letters of each word in song order. Chunk the letters into groups, write one group per piece of paper, then present to the children with the papers scrambled. They crack the code then unscramble the papers while you sing.  The picture here shows the first letters for the words, "Tell me the stories of Jesus," on the top paper and, "I love to hear," on the bottom paper.  For more details, check out my post here.  Credit for this idea goes to Sharla over at TeachingPrimaryMusic.com

"Follow the Prophet" (p.110) v. 2-cups. Use a more complicated rhythm than in Junior Primary.

"Help Me, Dear Father" (p.99)-v.1-math problems as above, then look up & read Matt. 18:22.

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me"-ASL

Happy Singing!

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