Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Singing Time Plan: June #3

Happy Father's Day, all you devoted dads!  My Primary children only know one song about fathers, "Daddy's Homecoming," which we'll be singing in church on Sunday.  With this style of participative Singing Time, however, I can give my children an experience with a new song about fathers, even though they don't know it well.

  Junior Primary

Drumming on a bucket
"Fathers"  (p. 209) 
Inside camera.  Since my kids loved this activity so much for Mother's Day, here, I'm bringing it back for Father's Day. I have four or five pictures of families in our ward, and I ask the children to memorize the one I'm holding--taking a picture with their inside cameras--while I sing. When I finish the verse, I hide the picture and ask questions about the picture's details.

"Follow the Prophet"  (p. 110) 
Buckets.  My family eats ice cream by the gallon. I found that the washed-out buckets make excellent drums. :)

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me"    

"The Holy Ghost"  (p. 105) 
Arm circles.  Stand, sway side to side, and swing your arms right, left, big circle around, left, right, big circle around.

  Senior Primary

Match the scent to the song

"Follow the Prophet" (p.110) 
Rhythm band.  Crazy fun! Only do this activity with children who are experienced following written symbols to play a rhythm instrument pattern. For my band, I bring in (empty!) ice cream buckets, egg cartons, paper plates, and sheets of paper.  Each has a different pattern to play, which I write on the board in symbols. Sing loudly. :D

"Fathers"  (p. 209) 
Inside camera.  See description above.

"The Holy Ghost"  (p. 105) 
Match the scent.  I give a set of baggies to each class with fragrant items in each one.  They pass around the bags, smelling the rose petals, rosemary, etc. while I sing. Afterwards, I hear which scent they think matches the song best, and why. 

"Tell Me the Stories of Jesus"  (p. 57) 
Solo finisher.  Sing the song all together until you give the signal (I'm using a farm-style triangle), when everyone freezes.  Kids raise their hands if they know the next words. You call on one, who finishes the phrase as a solo.  Then pick back up with everyone together.

Happy singing!


  1. I'm constantly amazed by the variety of your activities! Do you have a notebook or file where you have a master list, or do you just go week by week thinking of activities (new ones vs thinking back to ones you've used before)?

    1. I'm a list-maker! I find it hard to come up with ideas spur-of-the-moment, so I keep a master list of every activity I've ever done, grouped by learning styles. I add new activities to the list periodically. Some are my own ideas, some are from other blogs, and some are from late-night brainstorming sessions with my creative husband. :)