Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Singing Time Plan: August #3

I was out of town last week, and I missed teaching in Primary so much!  I'll be happy to be back singing with my kiddos this Sunday.

  Junior Primary

Follow the taps

"Follow the Prophet"  (p. 110) 
Sand blocks.  Use a simple pattern of taps and scrapes, repeating one motion 8 times before switching, so that the little ones can keep up.

"Help Me, Dear Father"  (p. 99) 
Cutaway picture.  Choose a picture about repentance (for verse 2) such as Enos praying, and cover it with opaque paper.  Cut away chunks of the paper as you sing.  The children love to guess what the picture is!

"The Holy Ghost"  (p. 105) 
Follow the taps.  Have the children stand and follow your actions as you tap your fingertips on your shoulder, head, knee, etc. with the music.

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me"   

  Senior Primary

Partner sand blocks
"Follow the Prophet"  (p. 110) 
Sand blocks.  Devise a more complicated pattern, such as working with a partner, and draw a symbol for each part of the pattern on a separate piece of paper.  Place the papers on the board out of order, and challenge the children to unscramble them as they watch you play and sing it through once.  After they've played through the pattern with you, have a child rearrange the pattern, and then play it again, as I describe in my post here.

"Help Me, Dear Father"  (p. 99) 
Cutaway picture.  Same as for Junior Primary, above.

"The Holy Ghost"  (p. 105) 
Make your own word search.  You can find a blank word search grid online.  At the bottom of that page, type words from the verse you'll be singing.  Pass out one page to each child, and have them create their own word search as you sing over and over.  Caution:  I chose 12 words last time, and that was way too many!  No one was able to finish.  I'll try 6 this time. :)

Happy singing!

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