Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Singing Time Plan: August #4

I have a new Singing Time activity this week, which I found on a friend's blog.  I'm excited to give Circle Code a try. :)

  Junior Primary

Filling a Q&A chart
"He Sent His Son"  (p. 34)   
Q&A chart.  In my Primary Program this fall, I'll have different groups of children sing either the questions or the answers in this song.  So, I'm starting now to draw the children's attention to structure of the song.  I'll draw a chalk outline of a chart on the board with one column for questions and one column for answers.  Then I'll have scrambled pictures to represent each line of the song, and the children will have to match up the questions and answers in order, as shown in the picture on the left.

"The Church of Jesus Christ"  (p. 77)   
Beat vs. rhythm with shakers.  With egg shakers, demonstrate how to keep the beat as you sing.  The next time through the song, show how to shake with the rhythm of the melody.  If the children have really got the hang of it, divide the room so you can have both parts going at once.

"Come, Follow Me"  (Hymns #116) 
Maze.  Print out a maze from the Friend magazine, such as this one here.  Sing verse 4 while the children solve the maze, and then point out how the word "course" applies for both a maze and the song.

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me"  
ASL quiz.  Now that my Junior children have learned all the sign language, I'll give them a quiz.  I'll sing the song and freeze at certain points, asking the children to fill in the next sign. 

  Senior Primary

Cracking the Circle Code
"Come, Follow Me"  (Hymns #116)   
Circle code.  I got this idea from Sharla Dance over at TeachingPrimaryMusic.com. She calls it Color Code, but I changed it around some for my Singing Time, so I renamed it.  You can find Sharla's description here.  My code is for verse 4. One circle=one word. Can you crack it? ;)

"The Church of Jesus Christ"  (p. 77) 
Beat vs. rhythm with shakers.  Same as for Junior Primary, above. For an added challenge, ask each child to simultaneously tap the beat with her toes and the rhythm with her shaker.  This is hard for most adults (including myself!), and the children will love it. :)

"He Sent His Son"  (p. 34) 
Q&A chart.  Same as for Junior Primary, above.

Happy singing!

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