Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Follow the Prophet Review Activity--Inside Camera

I love the many verses of "Follow the Prophet."  Last week I used a review activity that can be used for as few or as many of the verses as you choose.  I call it Inside Camera.  I first learned about this activity from Sharla Dance, over at TeachingPrimaryMusic.com.  The presentation is simple, the prep is virtually nil, and the children ask to keep doing it over and over.

A picture for each verse
First, choose a picture which corresponds to each verse you'd like to review.  I use pictures from the Gospel Art Picture kit, but the Church has an online Media Library that you could use, as well.  In the photo on the left, I have pictures for Abraham, Enoch, President Monson, Moses, Adam, Noah, and Daniel.

In Primary, tell the children you're going to show them a picture, and you want them to take a picture of it with their inside camera, the camera inside their mind, in order to memorize the details.  They can look at the picture while you're singing the song, but when the verse is done, you'll hide the picture and ask questions to see how much they memorized.

Show this picture and sing, "Adam was a prophet..."
Immediately show one of the pictures, and sing the verse that matches it.  Turn the picture around to hide it from the children while you ask your questions, and then let the children see the picture again to confirm each answer.  For example, last Sunday I showed the picture you see on the right while I sang the verse about Adam.  Here are some of the questions I asked:

"How many people are in this picture?"

"What are their names?"

"Are they outside or inside?"

"Are they by a forest, an ocean, or a desert?"

"Name one animal you saw in this picture."

I ask 3-5 questions per picture, typically, and then I go straight into the next verse with the next picture.  The children, both junior and senior, enjoy having a challenge to go with their pictures.  

Happy singing!

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