Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Singing Time Plan: A Christmas Sampler

This is the most wonderful time of the year! I love singing Christmas songs with the children, but I do find that most don't remember the songs from year to year.  So, I like to acquaint them with several different Christmas songs, in a way that allows them to participate without knowing the words.  Sharla Dance, over at, had some wonderful ideas that I'm excited to use!

  Junior Primary

Sharla Dance's actions for "Samuel"
"Picture a Christmas"  (p.50) 
Set up nativity.  First you set up a child-proof nativity as you sing, and then you let the children take turns doing so. Sharla gave me this idea here.  
"Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus"  (p.36) 
Actions and paper plates.  You suit actions to the words of the song, and then have the children join you. Next time through, repeat while holding paper plates. This is Sharla's idea, and you can find her full description here. :)
"The Nativity Song"  (p.52)   
Magic chalkboard.  Tell the children you brought your magic chalkboard today, and it will make pictures of your song appear as you sing. Sketch quickly while you sing, then act surprised to see the pictures there. The little kids eat this up. :) Ask for details you could add, then repeat. 

  Senior Primary

"Picture a Christmas" (p.50)   
Set up nativity. See description above.
"Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus" (p.36) 
Act It Out.  Before Sunday, contact a few children who already know the chorus and could act as angels. Bring simple costume pieces for yourself (Samuel) and the few children (angels). Stand on a chair or box as you begin singing and gesturing. Step back to let the angels sing. Ask for volunteer replacements, then repeat. 
"The Nativity Song"  (p.52) 
Hand bells.  I like to use chords, as I find them simpler for the children to follow. I use the movable chart I created, described here.  

Happy Christmas singing!

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