Saturday, May 30, 2015

Icon Mania

Crisp.  Clear.  Concise.  That's how I like to receive information.

As I was looking over my posts about Singing Time plans, I realized that it is difficult to quickly recognize which learning styles are addressed by each activity.  My husband created 8 icons for me (Thanks, Babe!), to represent each of the 8 learning styles outlined in my post here

Spiritual/Emotional Visual
Movement Musical
Logical Words
Nature Cooperative

I'll be using these icons in each post that describes an activity.  Some activities will tap into more than one learning style.  Bonus! :)  As gospel teachers, we must present our songs in varied ways, making sure that our children with varied learning styles all have a chance to learn.  I hope the use of these icons will help you categorize your activities at a glance, so you can include different styles for your children each week.  

Happy Singing!

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