Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Singing Time Plan: June #1


The Friend.  The Church-published magazine for kids.  I faithfully have it delivered each month, in the hope that my sons will race to the mailbox, in order to be the first to read it.  Hmm.  Not so much.  My kids truly do like the stories, but they normally can't be bothered to stop their other activities.  I've found that being sneaky is the key.... I read the Friend cover to cover each month, and then I leave it in prominent places around the house, conveniently lying open to some of the most intriguing stories.  When my boys walk by, they are sucked in. Hee.  Hee.  :)

The magazine editors sure know what they're doing.  They include stories that teach powerful gospel principles in child-centered settings.  This week, I tap into that wisdom by using the Friend for my Sing a Story activity.

 Junior Primary

Kids identify with stories in the Friend.
"Help Me, Dear Father"  (p.99) 
Verse 1-Sing a Story.  Intersperse the lines of the song with an applicable story.  I'm using a story from the Friend called "Janie's Seventy Times Seven."  Find more details about Sing a Story in my post here.  

"Follow the Prophet"  (p.110) 
Verse about Pres. Monson-foot rhythms.  Have the children tap their toes and heels on the ground in a simple pattern.  

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me" 

"The Holy Ghost"  (p.105)   
Waves of the sea. Have the children visualize ocean waves and then compare that to the feeling of the music.  You and the children stand and move your arms forward and back like waves, making your movements bigger as the feeling in the song intensifies.

 Senior Primary

Scrambled words

"Follow the Prophet"  (p.110) 
New verses; stand and spin on chorus.  I challenged my Senior Primary to write their own verse for this song.  I'll pass out lyrics to 3 of the verses I received, so we can sing through each one. Then we'll break it up with some movement during the chorus.

"Help Me, Dear Father"  (p.99) 
Verse 1.  Sing a Story.  See description for Junior Primary.

"The Holy Ghost"  (p.105)  
Scrambled words.  Choose several key words in the song, and scramble the letters for each one.  Children come up to write the unscrambled words on the board.

"I Know That My Savior Loves Me" 

Happy singing!

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