Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Singing Time Plan: September #1

Did you know there's a Facebook group for Primary Music Leaders?  9,600 members strong!  I discovered it this past week, and I love it.  It's not run by the Church at all, but it's a great place to share ideas with others.  My new activity this week, Solo or So Many, I found on this group.  Credit goes to Rachel! :)

  Junior Primary

Mixed Puzzle Pictures
"Tell Me the Stories of Jesus"  (p. 57) 
Puzzle pictures.  Make copies of three or four pictures depicting scenes from the Savior's life.  Cut each into four puzzles pieces.  Hand out pieces for just one picture to individual children as you sing, and have them put the puzzle together on the board. After they've finished, bear simple testimony of the importance of the scene portrayed, and then repeat with the next puzzle.
"He Sent His Son"  (p. 34) 
Ribbon wands. Have the children follow your smooth, flowing actions with a ribbon wand.
"The Holy Ghost"  (p. 105) 
Take it in, take it out; Solo or So Many.  Challenge the children to sing with you and then stop at a signal (tambourine or the like).  The piano will continue, so they'll have to follow along inside their heads. (This is called audiation, and it's a powerful way to cement lyrics.)  After going through once, ask for a volunteer to sing a solo, and you'll change the activity slightly.  Instead of taking the song inside, the group will take turns with the soloist at your signal.  If they're still with you, repeat!
"Follow the Prophet"  (p. 110) 
Hot or cold.  The classic game where you hide an item, and the children sing louder or softer to direct the child seeking it.  We'll be singing the verse about President Monson, so I'll hide a picture of him.

  Senior Primary

"Tell Me the Stories of Jesus"  (p. 57) 
Puzzle pictures.  See description in Junior Primary.  We'll be working on verse 3 with Senior Primary, so I'll make sure to choose pictures that coordinate well.  To change it up for the older children, I'll mix up all the puzzle pieces and pass them out from one huge pile, as in the picture above.
"He Sent His Son"  (p. 34) 
Ribbon wands.  See description in Junior Primary.  To challenge my Senior kids a little more, I'll use written symbols to designate the different movements, using the technique I outline in my post here.  
"The Holy Ghost"  (p. 105) 
Take it in, take it out; Solo or So Many.  See description in Junior Primary.  I'm expecting to repeat this several times with different soloists. 

Happy singing!

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