Friday, September 4, 2015

What's Your Dream?

So, you get an email notification that I've published a new blog post.  As you click to read it, you're see what?  In your dreams, what is the subject of the next post?  

Up to this point on this blog, I've been talking about what I want to talk about.  Now, I'd love to focus on some of the things you'd like to see more.  So, what'll it be?  Here are some ideas that I had, but feel free to tell me about others, too.

  • More activity ideas for nursery.
  • Tutorials for making props for nursery.
  • Review ideas for the program.
  • How to choose verses to sing in the program for solos, small groups, etc.
  • More detailed descriptions of the activities I mention briefly in the Singing Time plans.
  • More activities in general (let me know if you'd like more for a specific learning style, like movement, logic, etc.).
  • How to better coordinate with the pianist and the Primary presidency.
  • Lessons learned from someone who's been in the calling for a while.
  • Comprehensive list of activities mentioned on the blog.

Please let me know what you've always dreamed of finding on a children's music blog, and I'll get working on it. :)

Happy singing!

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