Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"I Will Be Valiant"--a Sand Block Activity

Sand blocks are always a hit.
 There's something special about Singing Time during the last couple months of the year.  Without the pressure to focus on program songs, I love choosing songs that support the Sharing Time theme of the month.  November's theme is, "When we serve others, we serve God." So this week I chose to sing "I Will Be Valiant" (p.162), one of my favorites that we don't sing as often anymore.  Because this song has a bouncy rhythm, I decided to pair it with sand blocks. 

Where do I get sand blocks? is my go-to for kids' instruments.  Here is their quick list of sand blocks.  A word of caution on the Basic Beat brand ones:  they are the cheapest for a reason.  A friend of mine owns several sets, and the handles on some fell off after less than a year. I don't have experience with any other brands, as I made my own.  A lot of work?  Yes.  A lot of money?  No.  It was a very simple project, and you can find my tutorial here.  

Do I present this activity the same in both Junior and Senior Primary?

 Absolutely not. See my post here on ways to keep it simple for the youngsters (while still providing them age-appropriate challenges) as well as more complex rhythms for the older kids.  If you have a combined Primary, take a look at this post about ways to adapt playing with instruments.  

What if the children don't know the song?

Not a problem. :)  The children can be entirely engaged in the music as they play their sand blocks, and they can listen to the words as you sing.  This is the perfect kind of activity for a song that the children don't know, but that you'd love them to hear.  

Happy singing!

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