Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Day

It's Teacher Appreciation Day!
Primary songs stick with you throughout your life.  They become part of who you are.  Instead of telling the children this (they'd probably forget it anyway!), I'm planning an activity that will show them.  This Sunday I'm combining a few ideas I've seen and having a Teacher Appreciation Day, where I highlight the teachers and their favorite Primary songs.  My hope is that the children will not only get to know a little more about their teachers, but that they'll also feel how special these particular songs and their meanings are.  


Over the past couple weeks, I've contacted all the Primary teachers and leaders.  I asked for their favorite Primary song and an emailed picture of their family.  Then I printed out their family pictures on cardstock.


I'll jump right in as soon as Singing Time starts:  "Since Thanksgiving is this week, let's talk about a group of people for whom we should be very thankful. Please raise your hand if you spend lots of your free time every week, getting ready for Primary...." The teachers and leaders should all raise their hands. "Let's learn a little bit more about your teachers today, so you can feel even more thankful for them.  Brother Smart's favorite Primary song is 'Love is Spoken Here.'  Brother Smart, why is that your favorite Primary song?"  After he answers, I'll explain that as I sing the song (the children are welcome to join me if they know the words), we'll be playing the game called Inside Camera.  The children should try to use the camera inside their mind to memorize the family picture of that teacher.  When I'm done singing, I'll turn the picture over and then quiz them. (How many kids does he have? Who in the family has a different color of hair? etc.)

I'll repeat for each teacher, naturally. :)

  -Hearing why it's the teacher's favorite song could be either a spiritual or a word-focused activity, depending on the comments.

 -Inside Camera is a visual activity.

A Change of Pace

The children will undoubtedly start to feel wiggly sometime in the middle. When that happens, I'll pause the Inside Camera game and sing "Fun to Do" (Children's Songbook p.253), using teachers' favorite hobbies.  

*  -Using actions for "Fun to Do" is a physical activity.

Have you highlighted your teachers in Singing Time?  What ideas have worked for you?

Happy singing!

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