Thursday, June 28, 2018

Prepping for a New Songbook--Write Your Own Song!

Writing Primary Songs in Seminary
I'm excited for the Church's new hymnbook and Children's Songbook! (Read the announcement here.)

I also love the idea that anyone can submit songs they've written. The announcement came at an especially fun time because I had just had my seminary students, for a year-end lesson, write their own verses to Book of Mormon Stories.

Here are a couple they wrote:

1. Aft’ they left the tower behind, the Jaredites embark. 
Jared’s brother brought some stones to take away the dark. 
To the promised land so that the people could be free. 
Followed God, with the light righteously.

2. Enos was a bad hunter, he couldn't shoot a deer
But his father prayed for him and asked that he would hear.
The words of God forgiving him as he fell to his knees
Through day and night, he asked in faith, righteously.

And a fun one:

3. Laman and Lemuel weren’t so bad after all
Sure they complained a lot but followed Moses Law
They tied up Nephi but eventually set him free
Mmmmh, no, they were psycho, righteously.

Aren't these youth fantastic!? I love their thoughtfulness and creativity. Something similar to this could also be a fun challenge for your senior Primary. Then, if they wanted, they could submit their new verses to be considered for the new songbook! 

I gave my students the following pattern to write their verses in groups:

Line 1: 13 syllables, rhyme with Line 2
Line 2: 13 syllables, rhyme with Line 1
Line 3: 13 syllables, rhyme with Line 4
Line 4: 6 syllables + "righteously"

We wrote their verses on the board so everyone could sing them, and they were really into it. I love any time we can bring the music of the Church into our lessons, to help students of all ages learn. 

Happy singing!

Looking for other ways to get Senior Primary kids more involved?  

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